Enhanced COVID-19 Outpatient Care Package

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. The service is applicable to: For COVID-19 patients who tested positive in rapid antigen test / nucleic acid test in the past 14 days with mild symptoms only.
  2. The service does not include imaging, laboratory or inpatient services.
  3. The service is available from 9 January 2023 until further notice.
  4. The service fee is HK$1,080.
  5. Advance online booking is required. Please make an online booking at: https://go.ghk.hk/covidoutpatient_en and full payment must be settled concurrently online.
  6. The service will be provided to patients aged 15 or above.
  7. The service will be provided by Gleneagles’ COVID-19 Outpatient Service. Please arrive at the registration counter of COVID-19 Outpatient Service located outside Gleneagles' 24-hour Outpatient & Emergency Department according to your booking date and time.
  8. If cancellation is made via the online booking system two days prior to the reservation date, a full refund will be arranged. However, if the registrant fails to cancel the booking two days prior to the appointment date, or is absent on the day of the appointment, the payment made will be non-refundable and non-transferable.
  9. The service cannot be exchanged for other services or products and is non-transferable.
  10. The service will be provided by designated Emergency Medicine specialist, Family Medicine specialist, or General Practitioner at Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong.
  11. The service comprises a consultation, 3-day basic prescription medicines and nursing procedures.
  12. COVID-19 oral antiviral drugs can be prescribed to high-risk patients within 5 days of symptom onset, including 1) elderly patients aged 60 or above; 2) patients aged below 60 with high risk factors; 3) those who are immunocompromised or 4) to be arranged depending on individual patient’s condition as per doctor’s recommendation; If antiviral drugs are considered suitable for the patient upon consultation by the doctor, please read the prescribed drug instruction leaflet, precautions and administration methods carefully:
    1. Paxlovid
    2. Molnupiravir
  13. According to the regulations of the Hong Kong Government, if the following persons are prescribed with COVID-19 oral antiviral drugs, additional medication fee (HK$8,400/course) will be charged separately:
    1. Eligible persons (i.e. holders of a valid Hong Kong identity card or Hong Kong residents) not fulfilling the relevant clinical criteria as set out by the Hospital Authority or
    2. Non-eligible persons (i.e. persons who do not hold a valid Hong Kong identity card or non-Hong Kong residents);
  14. All medications delivered are non-refundable.
  15. The service is offered to self-pay patients only, direct billing is not applicable.
  16. The service cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.
  17. If Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or No. 8 or above tropical cyclone warning signal is issued during the service session, service will be suspended while the warning signal is in force. However, the hospital would take care of patients who have turned up for a consultation.
  18. If Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or No. 8 or above tropical cyclone warning signal is issued before the service session, service will remain closed while the warning signal is in force.
  19. Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong reserves the right to amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of any dispute, Gleneagles’ decision is final.

Online booking: https://go.ghk.hk/covidoutpatient_en