Pre-Admission COVID-19 Testing

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1. Inpatients with Scheduled Admissions

  • Please be reminded that a rapid antigen test (RAT) is required to be done at Gleneagles on the same day of admission or upon registration for admission if you have a fever OR any symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection OR contacted with any confirmed/suspected COVID case OR have a clustering phenomenon in the past 48 hours.   
  • If RAT is not done as required, single-room placement and charges will be incurred while the planned operation may need to be postponed or cancelled. 

2. Unplanned or Emergency Admissions

  • self-paid rapid antigen test is required before admission. The test will be performed in our 24-hour Outpatient and Emergency Department.

Please also refer the Emergency Response Level - Notes to Patients and Visitors and the latest visiting policy on our website.

[Effective from 03/03/2023]